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Surface grinding

Surface grinding is used to obtain perfectly flat surfaces, guaranteeing the production of mechanical workpieces that require excellent flatness.

SITAB grinding wheels for tangential grinding are made with highquality abrasives that ensure excellent durability and uniform grinding action.

SITAB offers highly professional technical service, providing expert advice and support to ensure the correct operation of grinding and the maximum productivity.

Thanks to highly qualified personnel, grinding parameters such as grain, rotation speed and infeed are carefully evaluated to ensure optimal results.

SITAB has always been committed to providing high quality products, which enable customers to achieve high quality finish and high performance in their production cycle.

With SITAB, customers can rely on high-quality products and a successful partnership.


  • With conventional wheels up to 50 m/s
  • With ceramic and resin bonded segments up to 35-40 m/s
  • Creep feed up to 50 m/s

For machines like:

  • Rosa
  • Favretto
  • Blohm
  • Jones
  • Shipman
  • Minini
  • Waldrich

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