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Sitab is a company specialized in the production of abrasive grinding wheels with a consolidated experience in the field since 1991. We have a strong reputation for the quality of our products and for the service we offer. Sitab can produce and supply abrasive tools for a wide range of industrial applications.

Technology is the heart of our business approach. We constantly invest in research and development of new solutions to improve the performance of our grinding wheels, offering our customers the maximum efficiency. This dedication allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry and to better meet the demands of increasingly demanding markets.Flexible and efficient production, combined with an optimized management of the supply chain allow us to guarantee short deliveries without compromising the quality of the product offered. We are proud to be a leader in the world of precision grinding (or in the field of abrasive grinding wheels). Every year we continue to invest in new production technologies that allow us to maintain the quality of our products and to provide our customers with optimal solutions for their grinding operations.

Our mission?

Tailor-made abrasives solutions

  • 1947

    The first production plant for cutting discs with a steel core is born

  • 1974

    Construction of the first building suitable for the production of vitrified grinding wheels

  • 1991

    eng: 1° may 1991 - SITAB s.r.l. is born - Società Italiana Abrasivi

  • 2010

    Expansion of the operational surface area 3,000 m2 covered

  • 2016

    Reorganization of the management and operating units with a view to business continuity

  • 2021

    Our first 30 years of growth, innovation and sustainability

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